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Entertainment Agency


Do you need a performer for your event? because an Entertainment Agency is the answer to this and all of the following: Perhaps a DJ for a party or wedding, A bit of standup comedy to complement your show, a host or compare, you have a company/organization who need to put a message across. Whatever you need, if you would like a performer of any kind, An Entertainment Agency is the place to go .They can provide anything from a person to read your speech when you`re worried that your nerves will get to you, right through to producing a complete play to entertain your guests or get a message across. They recruit some of the best people you can find ,and afford !They will not be able to promise to get you big-stars for your celebrity opening although an Entertainment Agency will have access to some very good writers, actors, directors, technicians and performers. They can also provide valuable `Theatre in Education` services, to help with your best man speech if you have one coming up, or any kind of performance you need assistance with.


Mirror Balls


Mirror Balls are something that takes most of us right back to the eighties! In fact they are still widely used today in many top venues. Mirror Balls really help get the atmosphere going at any party or event due to their many mirrors spreading bright colourful lights that around the room and dance floor. It just not a disco if you do not have a mirror ball! it`s just not the same. You can even buy miniature mirror balls to use at home or to give as a gift. If you would like the real thing then there are many places you can hire them from especially on the internet. If you are lucky enough to have a bit more money or you need to use one on a regular basis you can buy them too. They cost a lot less than many of today`s high tech disco lights. Spread a little light around your next event or party with a classic mirror ball on your ceiling!


Smoke Machines


Smoke Machines are basically electro-mechanical units which produce clouds of smoke on demand. Smoke machines are used in theatres, clubs, film and TV studios, theme parks .They produce a smoke or fog effect which creates the illusion of smoke from a fire or it looks like steam and even fog sometimes. They can also used to create `safe smoke` in fire training, for leak testing of buildings and containers. Their size can range from the size of a wine bottle to a car! A smoke machine is basically a heating element which gets extremely hot, and then special fluid is pumped and is vaporized, therefore creating smoke in a vapour which exits the machine through a nozzle. Electronic circuitry makes sure that the heating block in the smoke machine is kept at a certain temperature - too hot and the machine turns into a flame thrower! And if too cold and it shoots out hot liquid! Smoke Machines can be found for sale on the internet.


Entertainment Agency


If I was planning any kind of large scale party or celebration then it would make sense for me to begin with contacting an entertainment agency. With their likely expert experience I would anticipate that they would be able to provide me with the essential ingredients to amuse my guests. A good entertainment agency will have a wide range of services on offer from comedians to singers. Although there is something endearing about someone choosing to ask a friend to sing at their wedding reception, unless they are gifted or well trained unfortunately the gesture can appear rather tacky and embarrassing. In the case of a wedding the entertainment should be slick and subtly enhance the day rather than noticeably bad. Some people make the mistake of asking their mate to DJ; which is equally disastrous, lets face it we`ve all been to a wedding and had to endure ‘come on Eileen` or ‘aggadoo`. Such hideous experiences could have been avoided had the delightful couple tying the knot considered an entertainment agency. I will concede that in some cases I would use an entertainment agency to hire equipment for an occasion such as a school show where I could draw on their knowledge of sound quality and acoustics.


Hire Smoke Machines


Obviously when people initially think of smoke they think of danger and fire, but actually smoke generated by a machine can be a very useful tool to create atmosphere. In addition unlike real smoke, it won`t make you cough and it actually has rather a pleasant smell. Music artists have chosen to hire smoke machines for years to appear on stage in front of their adoring fans in a way that is gradual, therefore heightening suspense and ensuring that their appearance is dramatic and memorable. Undoubtedly magicians hire smoke machines to conceal their secrets, preventing people from copying their act or doubting their skill. Theatre companies hire smoke machines to add to the overall success of a production, they can be used in a practical sense to mask scene changes, but they can also be used to suggest a sinister character, strangely they can also be used in a romantic scene as well such as when a long lost hero appears in the distance in front of his beloved. Smoke machines can also be used outside because they don`t always require mains; some are designed to run on batteries. Due to the pharmaceutical ingredients used to generate the smoke, they are actually quite expensive to buy, hence the fact that unless you intend to use the machine regularly it makes far more sense to hire it.


Mirror Balls for Sale


There are many different companies that advertise mirror balls for sale perhaps that is due to the fact that people seem to want to cling on nostalgically to the 70`s era. Where psychedelics were an essential way of life, clothes, art and music seemed to be screaming with colour, creating the illusion that it was a particularly happy and trouble free period of time. Therefore places that offer mirror balls for sale could also be symbolic for some as an opportunity to ‘buy back` some of that free love and irresponsibility. Unless of course you are the proprietor of a nightclub and then of course mirror balls can be used to make the disco lights appear to dance. One assumes that subconsciously the movement of the lights and the sporadic reflections encourage people to be spontaneous and align themselves to this constantly shifting sphere. Another reason a company might have mirror balls for sale is if they cater for children or adults in need of light therapy, there is something quite hypnotic about the small shards of light they can create, therefore having a calming influence on those who watch them spinning.

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